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On demand is a word of jargon, used in the printing and copying industry.

Strictly speaking, it means only producing enough documents for immediate use so that there is no wastage if something needs to be changed in the document before it is used again. You then produce only enough for the next immediate use, with changes made. Each document might cost a little more but here is no wastage so total costs are less over time.

Our latest generation digital B&W and Color copying systems open up new worlds for your communications and documents. Your documents will be always up to date because they come direct from your computer to our systems. Your reports can have color interspersed throughout, your board papers and prospectuses can "sell themselves" with imaginative graphs and graphics… and, you can even have a dynamic display poster created from the cover of your product booklet.

We can help you with this "On demand" printing and copying... it is a real cost saver for many companies. At WPPI, we also use "On demand" to describe our philosophy in business: we will work as closely along side our clients as they want us to. We will listen to what you need, we will explore the reasons you need documents, we will offer advice on the best solutions to your printing and copying, we will work to your budgets and deadlines, we will be available to meet your timelines, we will respond to your requirements and we will be as much a partner in your business as you will allow us to be.

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