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How you finish is important…

… it can make a huge difference to how your information is received and perceived.

"Finishing" is our jargon for all those things that make your document look as professional as it should. For larger documents, it is the folding of the pages and stapling them together (a form of binding), then cutting off the edges so they all line up the same. For a single page, it may be laminating it so the colors leap off the page and will never get dirty no matter how much it is handled.

Finishing touches go a long way, so take that extra bit of time to think through what impression you are trying to make.

Don't judge a book by its cover

Despite this well-meant advice we often do. So think carefully about the cover you choose for your document. Thinking about how your document will be used will help you decide on how to best bind it to achieve that finishing touch, creating that great first impression.

From binding to laminating there are a range of alternatives that can change an okay-looking document into a real page-turner!

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  • Saddle Stitching
  • Custom Ring Binders
  • Comb Bound
  • Laminating
  • Other Stylish bindings

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