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Some great ideas to answer client's questions over the years...

Where can I get stationery designed?

We can assist you with designing your business stationery whether it is a simple one color design or sophisticated brochures. Our best advice is "see us first".

What's the difference between printing and color photocopying?

For short run productions of one to five hundred, color photocopying is usually the most economical option. For runs in excess of five hundred copies consider full color printing. Both options will provide you with high quality real life color. If you are uncertain about which option is appropriate for you, our trained staff can offer their experience and advice.

What's better for my job, printing or color photocopying?

The choice between printing and color photocopying will depend on your communication needs. The type of document and requirements and the options available for adding color can be discussed with our customer service representatives.

Isn't color photocopying terribly expensive?

No not at all. With advances in technology, the new generation of digital color photocopiers have brought about major changes to presentations in both dollar terms and originality. Color photocopying can often provide an on-demand solution to your deadline at prices even your accountant will be happy with.

Is it possible to combine printing and color photocopying in my document?

Yes. Any combination of printing and color copying is available and is often the best way to create flexible and individual documents specifically for your target market.

How can I make a front cover that's unique for me on my document?

There are several options including the use of color, specialty papers, unusual printing techniques such as foiling and embossing and the use of good graphic design.

How can I hold a 40 page report together but make sure it looks good?

There are many binding options available including; comb binding, thermal binding, perfect binding, stapling or even wire binding. Talk to us to find the option that best suits your needs.

I've seen reports bound together without holes in them - what is that called?

This binding process is called PERFECT BINDING. As well as holding your documents together it is also used as a security feature for your important and sensitive documents.

What's the difference between process and spot color and is it expensive?

Process color is the use of two or more primary colors to create other shades. Spot color is as it suggests, one or more single colors located on the printed piece for effect. Color adds impact. Whether you use one full color page with process color or use spot color strategically through a document, studies show that retention is increased by 40%.

What sort of color printing can I do that won't cost me a fortune?

You do not need to have an entire color document to get the visual impact of color. Using spot color (one or more colors) and interesting tints is an option, depending on your budget.

What is the most cost effective number of business cards to get printed?

Like most items business cards are effected by economies of scale - the more you get printed the less each item costs. For value for money we suggest a minimum of 250 cards.

My letterhead paper "smudges" when input through my laser printer or photocopier why is this?

It is because laser printers and photocopiers use a very high temperature to fuse the toner to the paper. If the wrong inks are used when printing the paper the ink will melt at these high temperatures, transfer some of their image onto the fuser roller and appear on other areas of the sheet. To ensure the correct inks are used, always inform your printer that you will be using the letterheads in a laser printer or copier.

We don't have a marketing department or in-house graphic facilities. Who can design my artwork?

We can assist you with all your artwork and design requirements from simple typesetting of documents to direct mail or your company newsletter. We can show you some samples, give you some ideas and take care of the full design, print and copying process.

I occasionally see different types of paper used for people's stationery, how can I find that special paper?

We offer a full catalogue range of papers available. Whether you need business paper for stationery, card for reports or posters, specialty papers for special occasions, if we don't have it we can order it.

What are the pros and cons of recycled paper? Shouldn't we all be using it?

Pure 100% recycled paper has an uneven surface and a recycling weakness as the fibers are continually broken down in further manufacturing and hence has a "short-life". If you like the look of recycled paper and are concerned about protecting the environment then the recycled component papers are a positive option.

What should I look for in a good printer?

Quality, on time delivery and a full one stop shop service.

When I get a job printed and the company keeps my artwork are they just storing it for me or do they have the right to keep it?

Once you have paid for your printing job ownership of all components passes onto you. This includes plates, artwork and film. Ensure that if you wish to keep the plates you advise your printer prior to receiving your finished documents.

Copyright law is awfully confusing, what are the main points to bear in mind?

Copyright law is a function of government bodies and carries serious penalties if broken. As this section of the law is continually changing and evolving it is important to speak with your printer if you are at all concerned that you maybe in breach of the legislation.

I believe that there are some things that can't be reproduced like currency, are there any others?

There is an extensive list of items that may not be reproduced under copyright law. Currency and drivers licenses are two of the best known but copyright law can cover books, pictures, newspaper articles, music, etc.

I use a lot of invoice pads, is it cheaper to get them made exclusively or should I buy them from a stationery store?

Your business stationery reflects your company's image. You will be surprised to see how few you need to have printed to make personalizing your business forms more economical.

To find out more on ways WPPI can help, click here to speak with one of our professional staff.

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