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WPPI provides dynamic, eye-catching architectural photography that has enough impact to satisfy our client's strict criteria. We strive towards achieving the kind of quality images that clients expect.

At WPPI, we can offer the following Architectural Photography to meet our customer's diverse needs:

- Interior Architectural Photography

Before accepting a commission, WPPi likes to get to know our clients goals and objectives. We feel this knowledge can only lead to a better understanding of our clients - and therefore a better end product.

All interior photography work is performed during off-peak hours to ensure the least amount of interruptions to existing people traffic. WPPi has a one-flat fee for all interior work and ensures you get a variety of angles and photographs to choose from.

- Exterior Architectural Photography

All Exterior Architectural Photography services are scheduled for morning, afternoon and/or evening time to capture the desired look. Customers pay a one-flat fee to capture the property during various hours of the day to ensure you have a variety of photographs to choose from.

WPPI photography tries to bring out the best in each property. We use traditional and digital photography to make this possible.

Let us show you what is possible...


- Aerial Photography

Aerial photos can have streets, near by landmarks, and your company logo super-imposed over the image for easier identification

Only at WPPi do we offer you a complete solution for your aerial photography needs. Each property is identified via Global Positioning System to ensure we capture the correct property. Aerial photos can be made available that same-day and all aerial photography provides you with a 360 degrees view of your property.

If you are looking to have Interior, Exterior and/or Aerial Architectural Photograph, we can help meet you needs and offer you some of the best quality and at about 50% less than the competition.


To find out more on ways WPPI can help, click here to speak with one of our professional staff.

Internet Photos

You can search, view and order photos all online using your web browser and an Internet connection. It's easy and very secure to use.

Try it today and find out how photography is conducted in the new millennium!

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